The first post…

The first post is like opening a great book for the first time and hearing the crisp sound of the binding as it bends and cracks at the weight of the pages. The first paragraph grabs your undivided attention and you no longer know what is going on around you, because you are now lost in another persons world of words. That’s what I’m hoping to accomplish right now. Did it work? Haha.

Let me just give a little background on myself and why I chose to create this blog..

I’m a first time Mom. Not that mothering is new to me, I have little brothers and lots of little cousins that I’ve helped look after like they were my own. Family is the MOST important thing to me. After all, if you don’t have family what do you really have? Life isn’t as satisfying if you don’t have people to share it with to go through the ups and downs with, or atleast I think so. (And yes, friends can be family too.) I am a full-time laundry manager. I love my employees. They make the days go by fast and easy without feeling like we’re at work too much, most of the time. 🙂 I also love photography. It’s my passion. One day I hope to make it more than just a hobby and do something with it professionally.

I created this blog, because I need a place to vent. It’s an everyday struggle being a mom. Always wondering if there are things you’re doing wrong, things you could be doing “better,” feeling trapped by your new life’s “expectations” from society. I’ve never felt so much pressure in my life, and I’m very confident in my mothering style/skills. On top of all of that, I have to make sure my relationship doesn’t suffer from my focus on my son. Also, go to my full-time job for about 50+ a week. Then, somehow in all of that chaos, I need to find time to have a semi-normal adult life. Granted it doesn’t sound like a lot, it can be pretty over-whelming.

It’s all worth it at the end of the day. And I wouldn’t change my life for anything. No matter how much I may complain about things I have no control over. Lol.


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