The air was electric. 
Every hair on my body stood on end.
The anticipation was like a drug,
I needed more.
The band started playing.
Sparks flew, 
igniting the air.
Soon the room was a blaze.
The fire spread wild,
filling everyone with passion.
It was intoxicating.
The crowd became drunk, 
swaying with the notes.
Each instrument danced through 
the crowd, 
pushing and pulling everyone.
We all became intertwined 
with one another.
All emotions became one and 
the crowd moved together.
Nothing could bring us down.
The more the music played the 
less control I felt.
My body and mind finally 
acting as one.
Th beat pulsating inside, 
growing stronger and stronger.
I could feel it from the top of 
my head to the tips of my toes.
The sweet, 
delicious feeling felt 
like it would never end.
My skin burned from the 
white hot heat of desire.
Your touch is all I need to 
send me over the edge. 
Like lightning dancing on my skin.
My soul yearned to be free.
Just as I was about to give in, 
the music stopped.
The rush inside beginning to fade.
Everyone sobering as the 
fire left the air.
The crowd was left with 
the feeling of eternal bliss.
Basking in the glow, 
slowly fall off the edge.
The anticipation is killing me.
I can't wait to be intoxicated.



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